why don't you learn to not be stupid?
Yesterday, I had over 200 hits on my blog. Woah! It turns out that someone was searching for the phrase: "Why can't the English learn to speak English," a song from My Fair Lady. (I used it in one of my London essays that I posted here last year.) They came across my blog nearly 200 times, using different quotation mark placement ("Why can't the English" "Learn to speak English"). I checked the searches. My blog was the only site that Google uncovered with that search - no matter where you place the quotes. Question: why click through 200 times to a site you know will not give you the information you need?

everso dramatic
Saturday night I hung out with Kate and what I think was the entire theater department on the deck at Flat Branch. Some great one-liners came from the night:

"I just signed J@mie Lynm@n's left breast."
"I'm gay, not stupid!"
"I'm thinking of using Zoolander's 'blue steel' look in all of my head shots."
"You know, I was just wondering, 'Where is Neil's left bicep?' and WOAH! There it is!"

Actually, that last line was from Mike, after Friday's Tap Day, but three funny lines weren't enough for a list, and Kate was present for that, too. So it counts. There were others, but they were lost with the night. Suffice it to say that the theatre crowd makes for great people-watching.

In case you were wondering, the Guster concert was amazing!!!! If you've been a regular on this site, you'll know that Guster has been my band of the semester, so this concert was simply perfect. My friend from high school summer camp, George, goes to Truman State and was able to snag Sarah and I student-price tickets, so it was only $5! We were only three-deep from the stage and hung around afterward to meet the band. (And ran into another friend from camp.) Check out the pictures on your right.

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