fire and brimstone
Speaker's Circle became Preacher's Circle again today and I was reminded of something I told Meh-gen one night at the Artisan: The more people I meet who have a black and white view of life and religion, the more convinced I am that there are shades of gray.

speaking of campus speakers
We watched a video of the UC Berkeley protests in my History of the Sixties class today. I told my mom she should come and give a guest lecture about what it was like growing up there. She told me some great stories from her experiences, including how she was stopped by the National Guard on her way to youth group because the church was a block away from Telegraph Avenue, where all the protesting was going on. The kicker, though, was finding out about how my grandfather,* then the executive manager of the California Alumni Association, would lob smoke bombs back at the people who tossed them through his office window. What a time. Mamu, do you have any other stories?

*He's not the one on the left.

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