NEW YORK -- Obligatory post from the Big Apple. Off to Ground Zero with Fiscus. Then off to H&M. Staying with Tim. He hasn't said a word to me.


on the web
I've helped put together this website for work. I didn't do the actual creation of the site (I'm still barely walking in Dreamweaver). I guess you could say I helped with the "direction" of the site. One of my main jobs is to write/photograph/design the Tiger Letter, so check that out. And, check out the fabulous staff photo from last fall here.

the newest consensus on the haircut
Supposedly, I look older now. That's a euphemism for "that haircut is out of style." That's no good, especially if I should be looking very much In Style tomorrow.

big apple, get ready


the good news about a bad haircut
...it grows out. The bad news: that takes too long. I thought I wanted it shorter. I was wrong. Here's what the critics are saying:

Hilary: "It's so pretty!"
Don: "I liked your old haircut."
Maureen: hands clasped over mouth "Oh God!"

sometimes i'm just too impatient
Is it such a bad thing to expect things to happen when I want them to?



signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
I started reading The DaVinci Code last night and couldn't get past the jacket cover book flaps (book cover jacket flaps? internal book jacket?). Every few lines, or so, there was a letter that seemed to have a printing error - the letters were not quite bold, but they were a slightly heavier weight. It bugged me. But then, I thought, "Maybe there's a hidden message!" (dun dun DUN!) and I realized that if there were any book that had a hidden message, it would have to be this book, the one about finding concealed patterns in DaVinci's paintings. So I jotted down the letters that bugged me. Holy sleuthing Nancy Drew, Batman! The "randomly" weighted letters created a coherent message:

Is there no help for the widows son

I'm only three chapters into the story so far, so I have no clue how that phrase might be connected to the story, but I was pretty pleased with my sleuthing skills. Has anyone heard about this hidden message?

It reminds me of my childhood (ah, to be young again) sitting at the dinner table in front of Salvadore Dali prints. We had (still have) two prints on our dinning room wall and my dinner table chair faced them. One was Persistence of Memory, the other, I can visualize, but its name I can't remember. This other painting was vertical and was of a large, abstract clock. There was something about the painting, though, that caught my eye; there seemed to be a part of the painting that looked like the letter "L". I was convinced that there must be a hidden letter in each of Dali's paintings. If you collected all his and located the hidden letters, you could rearrange them (maybe in order of their creation) and it would spell out directions to a hidden treasure. While in elementary school, I spent most of my dinners trying to find the hidden letter in Persistence of Memory. I'm still searching.

I might mention that I read a lot of Nancy Drew at that age. My first occupational ambition was to be a private detective. I even dyed my hair to try to become Nancy Drew. I turned out looking more like Bozo the Clown.


soon arriving in your webmail inbox*
*provided Webmail doesn't shut down on you every five minutes like it does for me at work
An email, courtesy IATS, regarding the new requirement that everyone (students, faculty, staff) change their password so as to make the system more secure. Each new PW will require the user to be smart - i.e. put a number or symbol in his/her PW. Let's just hope that IATS can handle the mass influx of people changing their pawprint info. It failed on me last week when I tried to change my password (I'd given it to Dan to fix something on my blog and let's face it, no one wants him messing with their blog).


you heard it here* first, folks
*scroll to 11.13.2003
That's right, back in November, I (plus Dan) scooped the News Bureau. That's what you get, C. B*si for not telling me what's going on. We may not have known the amount of the donation to the J-School ($31 MILLION!) but the info was here first. Booyah!
BIG! EXCITING! news regarding the J-School is about to be announced. T-minus 36 minutes. No one around the News Bureau will tell me what's going on.
i've been missing my long hair lately
And that is why I'm getting it chopped even shorter when I go home in two weeks.

if only people had done their job
I wouldn't be at the MOian at 9 a.m.

calling all MU grads
What did you do about graduation announcements? Is there just one company for all MU students to order from or is there one that doesn't rip you off as much as others? Why can't they hold a senior class assembly to tell us how to go about all this like they did in high school?

b*b c*llins update
He broke out in song in the middle of lecture last week: "Officer Krumke" from West Side Story. Hi-larious.


rage against the machine
Sometimes I wish that Webmail were a physical entity that I could shove into the wall and pummel with my fists. Important e-mail, number three denied and erased before I was able to send it.