FIGmate for dinner
Jason flies into PHX this evening. We're meeting for dinner before he heads down to Tucson for the White Sox's (I think) spring training.

Since January, we've had at least six people visit us here in the Valley of the Sun. Three more of my mom's friends are coming during K-State's spring break, and a week later, my uncle and his family arrive. Altogether, we've had more visitors in the seven months we've been here than we had in the 22 years we lived in Manhattan.

So, when are you making your reservation at the Brooks Bed and Breakfast?


blast from the past

Sarah, Andy and me at camp the summer before starting college. Posted by Hello


i scream, you scream
I have a very intense craving for some gelatto right now...


go bears!*
My cousin Molly was named the Harvard Crimson Athlete of the Week this week!**

*This phrase is used in our family during any and all celebrations. It comes from my grandfather's time playing football for Cal, thus it is appropriate as a celebratory exclamation for Molly.

**It might help that she's on the Crimson staff. It certainly doesn't hurt to have friends in high places...



signs i'm in the wild, wild west
+ I just came back from a walk around the park near work, during which I watched a coyote roam contentedly just a few yards from our parking lot.
+ The state government is discussing a new law that would allow guns in bars.


file this under things i love
Jason Bateman in an Esquire style shoot. Yum.


let's get it started
Today I begin my stint as the one in charge of the art department. Yesterday was our art director's last day, and that means that until we hire someone new, I'm going to be doing the work of two people. Here's to hoping we find someone before I have a meltdown. Happy 6-month anniversary to me.*

i've been there!
I like that feeling of superiority I get when I find a former stomping ground in a magazine.
Exhibit A: Rusty's Last Chance named one of the top 25 college bars in SI a couple of weeks ago (Rusty used to live down the street from us in Manhattan, and I once babysat his daughter)
Exhibit B: Columbia profiled as a destination in this month's Budget Travel (pg 32)
Exhibit C: Lair of the Golden Bear (California), Estes Park Center, Snow Mountain Ranch (Colorado) listed in Budget Travel's "50 All-Star Family Camps" this month. My family on my mom's side has a long history at the Lair; my family on my dad's side has had reunions at Estes Park and SMR (mostly at SMR)

Wedding & Home, my London internship, has changed its name to simply Wedding.

*Thanks to Pat for reminding me that I started at Bigfish Aug. 16.


best valentine's day poem. ever.
My travels took me far and wide
In search of a card you'd want.
But in the end, I could not find
One with a slab serif font.



blast from the past

George with his exes: Lindsey, me and Lesley Posted by Hello


"I don't care what our record is. We have the hottest coach in college basketball," she slurred to reporters after Snyder sidestepped her attempt at an open-field tackle.
That, my friends, would be refering to the antics of the president-elect of our Valley of the Sun Mizzou alumni chapter during her trek to Vegas for the UNLV game.

Columbia Tribune: Run of bad luck continues for Snyder, his Tigers


your first dose of funny sentences in my inbox for 2005

I hope your butt doesn't show up on the Enquirererer. Not that I wouldn't want to see it. But for your butt's own personal integrity.

Maybe I'll meet a cute guy to go out with on Valentine's Day, but I doubt it. Most of the people there last time had mullets.

I visited Jeffries in DC, and she's living like a Queen-size bed owning, condo-living mad lady.

I remember your party last year and seeing everyone's faces when Janet's boob came flopping out. That was CLASSIC.

did I tell you about the time that I was in the bathroom and was privy to a business call? Someone in the stall was making a business call on their cell phone. I found myself trying not to pee too loud, and then thought 'wait a minute...I'm not the one being inappropriate!'

My brain first read the "He should be shot" and "Happy Inauguration Day." Draw your own conclusions.

I'm so happy for Pat that he's becoming such a success...but every time I start to feel a little jealous, I just remind myself that he has a Homer Simpson tattoo on his shoulder. It's humbling.

I do have to warn you, my dear, about wondering how those with poor syntax manage to earn degrees from our esteemed J-school. Have you ever received an email from Tim?

Oh! It's the one where I have cleavage! Yay!

what up woman! its so good to hear from you!! are you lovin life?!

I'm gay (but...is that REALLY surprising? Probably not!)

If it would make you feel better..you could take pictures of your designs and e-mail them to me and I could tell you that they all suck, so you could feel like you've got a teacherly person to help you out.

Hey, I just went to the bathroom, but I washed my hands. Just thought I'd let you know.

P.S. Do I sound like a total asshole in my most recent blog post? You can be honest : )

Monday through Wednesday waking up is equivalent to getting punched nine times in the face. The punch being from Father Time while he holds his spike-studded clock.

I just made a up a word, for I, obviously, am our generation's Shakespeare.

Maybe the magazine would sell more copies if you put everything in Wingdings.

I only have three weddings slated (to go to, not my own), and that has grabbed up most of my vacation time. So I too ask that my friends hold off till 2006 -- or get married on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a lovely evening sending your heating bill skyrocketing or whatever your plans may be.


matthew 18:20
My parents and I joined a church today. We've been attending for a few months now, and this is deffinitely the church for us. It encourages intelligent critique of the Bible, has a great music program (the choir of 100+ sang at the Salzburg Festival a year or so ago), is multi-cultural, and is run by women. All five of the positions of power are held by women: three ministers, the bishop and the district superintendent. And in our new member class of 20-some, half of the people joining were following the woman who has taken the position of head pastor this past year. It says something about this woman (who is also a lawyer, by the way) when the male reverand she first served under has changed churches after retiring so he could be taught by her. Here's just a sample of the lessons she's given in the past few weeks:

+ We hear so often of people who claim that you cannot be successful without believing in God/Jesus. This thought is twisted in a way that makes Christianity out to be a means to success, not relationship that is an end in itself.

+ Dr. Tews (the minister) reminded us about our culture's propensity to wanting more!more!more! and the need to hold power over other people. She echoed Jesus' teaching on the church as a body and asked us to consider humanity as a body as well, each of us as a cell in that body. "And what do we call a cell that is greedy?" she asked. "Cancer."

Additionally, we've been attending a Sunday School series on the very controversial Gnostic Gospels, a series that would be considered heretical by many standards. For the next two weeks, the class will be visited by members of the Phoenix Interfaith Movement, specifically the Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Muslim and Hindu faiths. These religious leaders are not being invited so church members can gawk at their strange beliefs, but rather to better understand the power and mystery of faith. In two weeks, we start a series on homosexuality.

This is not a church to shy away from controversy and intellect. I love it.


blast from the past
Follow the lines to learn who lived with whom.

(Front) Clark, Rob, Scott, Terpstra. (Back) Dan, Dan, J-DubPosted by Hello


welcome to the world, viviane!
My cousin in Phoenix had her baby today! I haven't seen her yet, but you can expect there will be pictures when I do.
77 days and counting
Friday I bought my flight to London. Unfortunately I had to buy a flight back, too. I leave April 19 and will have two weeks there. Woo-hoo!

work, it is a-changin'
It's all happening. Updates TK.

speaking of watercooler gossip
Our watercooler, which sits right by my desk, is making odd noises.