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Today I begin my stint as the one in charge of the art department. Yesterday was our art director's last day, and that means that until we hire someone new, I'm going to be doing the work of two people. Here's to hoping we find someone before I have a meltdown. Happy 6-month anniversary to me.*

i've been there!
I like that feeling of superiority I get when I find a former stomping ground in a magazine.
Exhibit A: Rusty's Last Chance named one of the top 25 college bars in SI a couple of weeks ago (Rusty used to live down the street from us in Manhattan, and I once babysat his daughter)
Exhibit B: Columbia profiled as a destination in this month's Budget Travel (pg 32)
Exhibit C: Lair of the Golden Bear (California), Estes Park Center, Snow Mountain Ranch (Colorado) listed in Budget Travel's "50 All-Star Family Camps" this month. My family on my mom's side has a long history at the Lair; my family on my dad's side has had reunions at Estes Park and SMR (mostly at SMR)

Wedding & Home, my London internship, has changed its name to simply Wedding.

*Thanks to Pat for reminding me that I started at Bigfish Aug. 16.

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