Nothing witty to go here this time

A week and a half ago my family learned that my sister was admitted to the hospital back in Kansas. I'll spare you the details (because thinking about them too much will likely bring back the tears that have finally stopped), but basically her liver was overrun with toxins and her enzyme levels were at a life-threatening level (usually your enzymes are around 50 units; Ally's were above 5,000 units). She spent a week at the hospital in Manhattan, only to find out that the special unit there was closing down that very week. Fortunately there is a great specialist in Kansas City, and that's where she is now. My parents are also in KC to be there with her. We are so very lucky and thankful that the doctors and specialists were able to help her, and we hope and pray that her body is now on the mend. Things look good, and we're still planning on celebrating Ally's graduation from K-State in one month – it will be even a more joyous celebration than planned, I'm sure!!!

Thanks to all the friends who have given their support over the past week. At this time, I'm even more grateful to have some real amazing people in my life.