The family and I went to see Something's Gotta Give this afternoon. You know, it will always be awkward watching sex scenes with the parents. It's especially awkward when the woman's name is Erica.


i hope it gets better than this
I rolled into town yesterday evening and went straight to the mall to finish some shopping where I ran into a friend from high school. One of the first questions she asked me was, "So, you got a boyfriend?" When I said no, her response: "Oh. Of course." What's that supposed to mean?

Then, when I got home, there was my sister, sitting in the kitchen with the haircut I was going to get over break.


I just tried to sell back one of my poli sci books at the bookstore and they wouldn't take it because there's a new edition. This book was copyrighted 2004. HOW CAN THERE BE A NEWER EDITION?!?!?!?!?


in the spirit of the holidays
For those of you who enjoyed Elf Bowling, the Internet has many other holiday amusements. Thanks to coleagues Jeff and Jeremey for the office distractions.
item 1: Sober Santa
item 2: Carol of the Bells, Burger King-style
a warm bloggish welcome
...to roommate EZP. Miss Patterson will be following the footsteps of yours truly as she leaves for London next semester. I plan to read her blog and pretend it's me over there again. You should too. But you can rest assured that you can still call me at normal times in the States. If you want to call Erin, you might want to shell out a few bucks (pounds) and reorganize your schedule. Or you can just read her blog.
highlights from boston
* The workout that is the Freedom Trail and the Bunker Hill memorial tower.
* Quality time with Fiscus, of course.
* The requisite clam chowder.
* The Boston Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. sigh....dance....
* Being mistaken as a prospective student by all of Molly's friends. I'm a senior in college, people. Do I really look that young and naive?
* The window of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe, office quarters of Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers of NPR's Car Talk fame.
* The Cheers bar.
* Studying for my final. Well, maybe not so much a highlight...but at least now I can say I've studied at Harvard. Think I can put that on my resume?

another fun thing to do in boston
Get phone calls from friends asking you to come over and laughing when they don't believe your response, that you unfortunately are presently indisposed in another time zone. My favorite: betting Protz that there was more snow where I was than where she was.

small world incidents
Incident no. 1: The girl/lady I met with at Boston magazine Monday is from the Little Apple. Our parental units work together at K-State. It was upon her influence that I started writing for the Mercury's weekly Youth Page in eighth grade and thus began my foray into journalism.
Incident no. 2: One of cousin Molly's block mates (read: suitemate) is from Jeff City. Who knew that the Midwest could grow 'em smart?

my dorm food is better than your dorm food
CDS beats Harvard food any day. But Harvard celebrities (Molly's dorm room last year was previously Natalie Portman's residence and Al Gore III lives in her current dorm complex) beat Mizzou's "celebrity."

many thanks to kate
Who is putting a roof over my head next semester. Be glad you missed the stress I was inflicting on my local friends Thursday when I had 24 hours to find a new place to sublease.
*mumbles incoherent obscenities directed at Pear Tree


CAMBRIDGE, MASS. - Boston is my new favorite city. More to come.

where have all the comments gone!?!?!?!?! *shakes fist at Klinks*


fighting naked
And other recent events.

Natalie's bridal shower was this weekend and her mom had the best anecdotal advice ever: "Every couple fights so don't think you and Jason will be any different. Even before the Fall, Adam and Eve probably still fought. They had one thing going for them, though. They fought naked." Repeat: this was advice from her mom. I don't think I've ever seen anyone's face go so red so quickly.

I think I'm officially an apathetic student. I turned in a final paper for my American Foreign Policy class this afternoon. I wrote it in about four hours last night and it is probably the worst paper I've ever written. However, that doesn't seem to bother me. Instead, I comfort myself with the knowledge that it's still probably better than a third of the other students' work in that class. *knocks on wood*

your advice, please
I have an etiquette question. A girl in my pledge class is getting married in January. Her close friends in the house want to get the seniors to pool money to get her some of the larger gifts on her registry. I am not invited to the wedding. How should I treat this? Do I chip in? How much? Or should I stiff her? I still get along with her great, we're just not close friends and I'm sure she's trying to keep costs low and not invite the entire house.


If you were to have walked into the Vox office sometime this semester, you might have been witness to any of these lines:

Then I need to do laundry 'cause I'm wearing my bathing suit. I'm serious.

How about crackers? No. I mean peckers. Wait, what are old people called?

Great. I just called my best lead and he picked up the phone, breathed and then hung up.

I'm Scottish. Which reminds me, I need to buy a kilt.

What's a sex word that rhymes with demonstration?

Does anyone else think that looks like a uterus?

Ryan, you should join our club - the triple nipple club.

Jen, less wine, more cheese.

I just want one day where I'm not completely f****ed.

Yes, that's me calling the fax machine.

Barton left the building? He's allowed to leave?

I think emails have become inconsequential.
Yeah, what they need is a good spanking.

Oh my God, you guys. Does it hurt to ovulate?

Julia, you must poop all the time.

This has been a really long day - and life.
so sad
When it's cold and the wind is biting, my eyes stream with tears. Thanks to the frigid air, my cheeks are also frozen. So when I arrive at my destination, I can't tell that it looks like I've been bawling until someone asks if everything is alright. I'm fine, just hand me a tissue, please.


not only do they not accept student charge...
but the Post Office in Brady won't send any mail to England. As if I have the time to go to the downtown post office during business hours.

benefits of working for administrative services
Free tickets to Cats.

wishful thinking
May-gun mentioned that she's taking an adult intermediate, non-performance ballet class next semester at Dance Arts. Oh so tempting.


Why is it that the high schools that give me the most problems are the ones that my friends went to? This time, it was JJ Pearce, alma mater of Sarah. Oh, and De Smet and Kirkwood are the only St. Louis high schools who have yet to answer my e-mails and phone calls regarding whether they actually placed the ads in their papers. Can't my friends pull some strings for me? How about you yell at your former journalism advisors, people!