fighting naked
And other recent events.

Natalie's bridal shower was this weekend and her mom had the best anecdotal advice ever: "Every couple fights so don't think you and Jason will be any different. Even before the Fall, Adam and Eve probably still fought. They had one thing going for them, though. They fought naked." Repeat: this was advice from her mom. I don't think I've ever seen anyone's face go so red so quickly.

I think I'm officially an apathetic student. I turned in a final paper for my American Foreign Policy class this afternoon. I wrote it in about four hours last night and it is probably the worst paper I've ever written. However, that doesn't seem to bother me. Instead, I comfort myself with the knowledge that it's still probably better than a third of the other students' work in that class. *knocks on wood*

your advice, please
I have an etiquette question. A girl in my pledge class is getting married in January. Her close friends in the house want to get the seniors to pool money to get her some of the larger gifts on her registry. I am not invited to the wedding. How should I treat this? Do I chip in? How much? Or should I stiff her? I still get along with her great, we're just not close friends and I'm sure she's trying to keep costs low and not invite the entire house.

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