I won a little argument with editors this week. Score.

We have had three candidates for J302 give lectures in the past two weeks of class. How is it that there are people actually interested in this job?

coming soon
My website. Just thought I'd tempt you with that thought.

Anyone else excited about West Wing tonight?


mike won!
It was totally because I wore my Mizzou Journalism t-shirt. Question: will he finish this semester????

$95K starting salary right out of college?!?!?! And to think that I'm hoping for a $5/hr internship this summer.
tune in
It's a half-hour into the ESPN Dream Job Final Four and our own Mike Hall is showing everyone up. In a desperate attempt to have a connection to fame, I feel like I can "claim" Mike because I chilled with him during Solving Annoying Problems last fall. (Read: I laughed at his and Wyrych's jokes and said maybe two words to him.) Go get 'em, tiger.


Is it possible for applesauce to ferment? Mine tastes a little funky.

The Lion's Choice sign went up over the former Osama's coffee shop last week. What is happening to this town? At least it's not Wal-Mart.

A full day of work and all I get to do is stuff envelopes? You're kidding.
why i like it when my boss is gone
I get to play Guster while I work.

bring on spring
I'm wearing a tank top today. Granted, I'm wearing a light jacket over it, but it's a tank top nonetheless. Last night, I left the porch light on to welcome me home after finishing some stuff at Vox. When I returned, there were bugs everywhere the light touched. Gross. But I'm not complaining. I'll take bugs if it means i can wear tank tops.

My roommate is trying to kill her fish.

I love my weekly talks with Meh-gen.

I bought a new "grown-up" wallet. It's my pledge to myself to get my finances in order.

Cecilia gets here this evening.

I could listen to the new Usher song all day. Just makes me wanna move. He is quite attractive in the video, too. yum.

How could I have forgotten that Anne and I watched Amelie? That was one of the missing movies. The other was Under the Tuscan Sun. A little more understandable why I forgot that one.


Jack the Mac is back
And better than ever, with 120 GB hard drive, twice the memory, and (drum roll please) OS X. The even more fabulous thing is that the IT guy left Quark and PhotoShop.

hearing things
I've become hyper-sensitive to noises while in the car since the ball joints on my rear wheels decided to give out two weeks ago. Charlie seems to wheeze, whine and screech in protest a bit too much. So instead, I crank up the stereo.

tastes like summertime
I ate sunflower seeds on my drive from Manhattan to Columbia today.

spotless mind
I saw three movies this weekend and for the life of me can't remember one of them. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was one; Intolerable Cruelty was another. Now, what was the third? Last weekend, I watched About a Boy, Matchstick Men, and...blanking on the third again. They must not have been that interesting.


a bunch o' blarney
Yesterday: happy birthday(s) to S@r@h Pr*tzm@n and M@rk *zm@k. (And happy Bailey's day to everyone else.) We spent our St. Patty's Night chilling at Boone Tavern. There we ran into Tuttle's Charlie, who was more than willing to fill us in on the story of "What really happened the night of the Heidelberg fire." (No, it wasn't a set-up by the owner.)

more good news
Jack the Mac should be fixed by tomorrow.

the bad news
They can't replace my bootlegged copy of Quark and I can't find my PhotoShop discs.

funny lines in my inbox
Other than that, Ive been working on my senior thesis and going completely insane. YAAAAAAY!

But seriously- i just celebrated my 6-month anniversary (longest relationship ever) with a guy named Aaron. He's 28, from Kansas City, he's a musician and he looks like Buddy Holly/ Woody Allen/ an alien.

Sounds like a great plan with not too much planning, and that's usually the best plans.

Sara and Erica, I hope you guys have a great time in New York. Tell Pete at Glamour I said "hi" and "I want a job."

i got the feeling that my imagination is currently trapped in a moldy can of miller light that has been rolling around on the floor of somebody's rusty volvo for a couple of weeks.

As if 310 wasn't bad enough, now I have to memorialize it in a graduation portfolio. Ewww.

it's not like you're dating David. If you were, I'm sure I'd have heard by now. Because a lot would have to happen for that to be the case...

X-cultural is tomorrow at 2. That is when all the fun begins.

Has Constance forgiven me yet for misplacing her address? I felt awful. I swear I had it memorized. Very, very surprised to figure out I’d told the cab driver to take me to Prada. Clearly, they won’t have any copies of speeches waiting for me in there.


social graces
Where does one look when talking to someone with a lazy eye? Do you just look at their nose?


good news
+ I found my Nalgene.
+ I found my capstone notebook.
+ I'm "in the mix."


MANHATTAN, KS -- Mom is doing well. Thanks for your concern and prayers.

i got my first official rejection letter yesterday
At least National Geographic responds to me. I came away from NY with a stack of business cards and a list of magazines that were practically begging us to email them for information about internships. The only response I got was from Esquire, saying they don't do internships. Is that what they mean by the New York attitude, lying to innocent students?* I kinda liked getting my first real rejection letter. You have to be rejected before you find what fits, so I feel like the ball is rolling. (roll, ball, roll!)

*For the record, Esquire was the only magazine that didn't beg us to email them. I did that on my own initiative.


a run-down of my day:
- Mom in surgery
- Heading to a test when my car breaks down
- News from IATS: Jack the Mac's hard drive is completely shot

Speaking of shots, who wants to buy me one?


it's almost like a real job
20 pages. 5 days. Whew. Not to mention that I also designed a brochure for work, took a test and actually went to Chapter this week. And caught up on all that I missed while in NY. The rest of the semester is easy, breezy.

a big congrats
...to May-gun and Jeremy on their engagement!

*Note the updated picture list to your right.


my new favorite blog
Just stumbled upon this site today. I'm lovin' it.


help vox
Reed sent this email to the Vox listserve today. I know my readers are everso much more witty than I so I turn to you for suggestions. (Your reward: you will help me look good!)

Hey all. As you may know, we're putting together a story on the music of the political campaign. The experts (we're still waiting on a couple) have spoken and Ross is writing this up as we speak. Anyhow, we wanted to compile a sidebar list of songs politicians locally and nationally should use to bolster their images. Seriousness and wittiness are both encouraged, but silence is abhorred above all.

other news
I've been missing both my Nalgene waterbottle and my capstone notebook for a week now. I miss my trusty Nalgene more.
back from the nyc
It's nearly 2 a.m. and I'm tired so this is going to be short. The trip was fabulous. Here are the highlights in bulleted form:

+ Business card collection nearly doubled.

+ First real-time interview went better than expected.

+ Met John Korpics, design director for Esquire. (Unfortunately, David Granger was on a business trip. Sad.)

+ Amassed a list of couches I can crash on when I return to NY before finding my own place to live.

+ Debated whether to introduce myself to Jon Anderson simply because he's a Sports Center personality. Chose to maintain my annonymity.

+ Got lost on the Subway; ended up off the island in Queens instead of arriving at 57th St. when trying to get to Marie Clarie.

+ Laughed at Ellen when she relayed her fear of getting mugged one night...on Park Ave.

+ Explored the bowels of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Fiscus and Kate, a fabulous woman named Constance as our guide.

+ Finally met Joe...kinda.

+ Saw The Passion of the Christ.

Many thanks to my fabulous hosts Tim, Anne and Lesley.

I have two Subway rides left on my "6 rides for the price of 5" card. I guess I'll have to go back some day.

a quick rant about the passion
I have several problems with The Passion. No, it was not the dramatic violence. That didn't bother me. Again, bullets:

+ Jesus is Caucasion. It's time to swollow our pride and admidt that Jesus was Middle Eastern, not European.

+ A woman plays the devil. That was a deliberate descision by Mel Gibson and I think it was an awful choice.

+ What was with the crow poking out the eyes of one of the robbers? Uneccessary over-dramatization, although great comic relief.

+ Five words: It's all about the money.

+ There was hardly any explanation or intelligence in the movie. It relied solely on evoking an emotional response. I think the movie is designed to appeal to Christians who don't want to think but who just want to be shocked. This is shown in the mass endorsement of the film by Christian leaders around the country. The audience enters the theater with the "knowledge" (provided by their pasotrs who have rented out the theater for them) that the movie is PHENOMENAL and then don't analyze it themselves. That's too typical of religion in our country today.


As a piece of artwork, I think the film was really well done. The actors are great, especially Mary, and the music is fantastic. I was also impressed with the revival of dead languages - Aramaic and Latin. I felt especially smart when I was able to recognize "veritas" in the dialogue.