why i like it when my boss is gone
I get to play Guster while I work.

bring on spring
I'm wearing a tank top today. Granted, I'm wearing a light jacket over it, but it's a tank top nonetheless. Last night, I left the porch light on to welcome me home after finishing some stuff at Vox. When I returned, there were bugs everywhere the light touched. Gross. But I'm not complaining. I'll take bugs if it means i can wear tank tops.

My roommate is trying to kill her fish.

I love my weekly talks with Meh-gen.

I bought a new "grown-up" wallet. It's my pledge to myself to get my finances in order.

Cecilia gets here this evening.

I could listen to the new Usher song all day. Just makes me wanna move. He is quite attractive in the video, too. yum.

How could I have forgotten that Anne and I watched Amelie? That was one of the missing movies. The other was Under the Tuscan Sun. A little more understandable why I forgot that one.

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