Warning: Possible Viviane overload

To do my part to stimulate the economy (via ebay) I got a new zoom lens for my camera. (Thanks, W!) It arrived at work probably at about the moment my plane was touching ground in Kansas City to take me to my sister's graduation...where the ability to zoom in on her face in the crowd of graduates would have been handy. Of course.

Anyways. I had to put it to the test this weekend when Brooke, Chris and Viviane came over to celebrate Brooke's birthday. I went a bit overboard on the photo-taking (unusual, I know). I pared the 500+ pictures down to 42 to put in my Picasa album, and below are my very favorites. During dinner, Brooke and Chris related the newest favorite Viviane story:

The other night the three of them were putting together a puzzle when Viviane stood up all of a sudden and exclaimed, "You guys! I can't take living here anymore! [dramatic pause] I have to go to the bathroom!"

They say girls today are maturing faster, but who knew the teen years now start at age 3?!?!

Blowing bubbles with a fancy new bubble blower.

Viviane in our backyard

Would you believe me if I said that's her natural lip color?!?!

How sweet!

I love this shot of Brooke!

Paying attention to the conversation


Cue Pomp and Circumstance

It's been a little over a week now since Ally donned her cap and gown and accepted her diploma from Kansas State. We're so proud of her achievements. Sorry it took so long to get these up! You can see more by clicking on any of the pictures, or by following the album links on the right sidebar.

Ally and her roommates from the house on Juliette

Ready to head to Commencement

Ally, the graduate!

I love this shot of Grandie & Ally!


This shot of the Fryers' dog Jewel cracks me up!

Me & Amy. Yay for meeting up with old friends!

Little Sterling isn't so little anymore!


1 Bushel and 3 Pounds Lighter

It was time to work on thinning out Bandit's coat for the hot summer days. Our Coat-King brush may not have the star power (or PR influence) of the Furminator, but as long as it lets me pet the dog without stirring up clumps of hair, I'm all for it.