movin' on up
All my graduated friends are getting jobs. It's quite exciting. Scott leaves for Seattle Sunday. Elise leaves for Waco Friday. Rumor has it that Fiscus and Erin have entered the real world as well. Go get 'em tigers!
black this out
The first thought I had when I saw the news about the blackout in London, that is, my first thought after, "I hope everyone is ok!" was, "I bet it's actually quiet behind our flat." (refer to section in Jan. 12 entry with the heading "a train runs through my backyard every 30 seconds") When CNN flashed to live footage of the city, my first thought was, "That's my work!" Yessiree, the fabulous IPC Media tower was front and centre. Ahh, the memories.

first i got a cell phone...
...then Luke got an iPod. And get this, these words came out of the previously self-avowed Macintosh critic: "I admit that Mac has actually put out a quality product....maybe some day I'll actually buy a Mac." Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! What's next? The five pillars of Islam being displayed in Alabama's state judicial building?


the proverbial beginning of the end
I filled out my application for graduation today. Yikes.

why erin will be fabulous to live with
She was bouncing off the walls last night, telling me about her first magazine design class and when I told her I bought this semester's new mag design textbook just for recreational reading, she didn't roll her eyes, unlike some people.


i just created a new post and blogger won't let me put it online. why won't it?!?!!?!?


Roommate Erin and I were out the door before we realized we were nearly dressed alike, both of us heading to Lee Hills. Fortunately, my destination was Vox orientation, and hers was MOian orientation so at least we wouldn't be seen by the same people. Just thought I'd share.

it wasn't the blackbird pub, but it was london relived
Last night was our London J-Studs reunion at StuLoo's house. The party was complete with Professor Bogan, our eccentric program head, leading us in the "London Program reunion ritual" mirroring the ritual he led our last night in London. Good times were had by all and the night ended appropriately with the last people to leave Professor Loory's house being the girls of Flat One and and the boys of Flat Two. It was the first time the group of us had been together since London and it was weird to be together in the heat and humidity of CoMo instead of the brisk chill of London. We've decided the next group outing with be to the new Cafe Gelato. Seth and I think we might make a couple trips in a night, just so we can pretend we're back in Rome again.


or am i the only target?
Is anyone else's email being ransacked by an inundation of email viruses? Every five minutes there are more messages in my inbox with the subject "Re:Aprroved" or "Re:My Details" (no exaggeration, I just checked and had two more after clearing my inbox just 7 minutes before). At least I'm smart and don't open them. But how do I get them to stop?!?! They're clogging my inbox and taking up space.


don't worry, i'm still alive
(But does anyone know if Scott, Bill or Colleen are?)
Recruitment started today. It's been crazy busy 'round these parts the past week and my Internet time has been limited. By the time I get caught up on everyone else's lives, I run out of time for my own monologue, blog-style. This week has had its ups and downs and I'm not going to go into detail because half of you would just roll your eyes and make some snide comment. And while some of those comments may be well founded, this week has been great affirmation that I do enjoy Alpha Chi. Maybe it's just something about entering my last year at Mizzou, but everyone just seems to get along a little better. I know that my senior year of high school, I just didn't care or try to impress everyone; it's a lot easier to get along with people if you don't try to impress them. The best part of the week came when I got the phone call from my sister that she pledged Alpha Chi at K-State. Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes if you want at the cheesy-ness, but I'm really excited that she and I are now, as my friend Stephanie says, "sisters of the womb and in the bond."

in other notes
ummm....there really aren't other notes. My life this past week and a half has been AX. Except for frenzied trips to Wal-Mart or Target, or to daily treks to the Chateau to pick up the things I keep remembering I forgot, I have been cooped up in this house on Richmond. Maybe I'll have more exciting things to write about come a week from now when classes start. Until then, I'll be starting all my conversations, "Suzy Q, this is Penny Poo. We were just discussing...."


i've signed my life away
Watch out Scott, you're next. I bought a cell phone today. I was going to hold out until I graduated in May, but at least four of my good friends use only their long-distance mobiles and I'm tired of the hassle of calling cards. I'd include my new number in this post, except I've seen what kind of wackos access Pat's blog and I don't want random creepy people calling me. They'd be using up precious minutes that would be better spent talking to you. So, if you'd like my new digits, zip me a quick email and we'll be in contact.

hell begins saturday
I should really change my attitude about moving back into the Alpha Chi house and starting Recruitment work week. I've just become so comfortable in my attic palace that having a roommate (wonderful person that she is - and a mag design major too!) is going to seemed cramped...not to mention that I won't be able to bring my half-drunk bottle of merlot. (I've already decided to stash a bottle of Bailey's at Sarah's and whenever I need to escape the house, I'll just head to her place.) And then there's the issues that come with Recruitment. Definitely not Greek Life at its most upstanding moment, I believe. I really truly am excited about seeing everyone again and getting to know the girls who were freshmen last year. I just wish that the unavoidable pettiness didn't have to come with it. So, starting Friday, this blog (and yours) will probably be my outlet to the real world. Relieve me, please, with stories devoid of matching toenail polish and synchronized walking. And if you want a good laugh, just cruise through Greek Town any time next week. You'll get a good show.


part of the entourage
Yesterday I was in Liberty with work, helping with a commercial shoot. It's an ad that will promote Mizzou in the KC and StL areas starting in Sept. It was nearly a 13 hour day. For 30 seconds. Not that I expected anything different; if a still life photo took 4 hours to take for the magazine, a full day for 30 seconds of hundreds of "still" shots seemed like no time. One of my roles yesterday was to meet Brad Smith, take him into the Liberty High School to change into his football uniform and then bring him out to the practice field where two pop warner teams full of 9-12 year old boys were holding their collective breath to meet him. That walk from the school onto the field was so awkward. Brad was between me and Frank Cuervo, MU Director of Marketing for the athletic teams and in front of us were two local t.v. crews and a hundred+ kids and parents, all focused on our arrival, a hush over the field as soon as the first kid piped up, "He's here!!!!" Now, I know that no one took a second glance at me. I mean, even the soccer moms' eyes were riveted to Brad's cut torso that was very visible under his official MU-Nike sweat-proof undershirt. But should I try to make small talk (the guy's really nice, but exceptionally shy), swing my arms, look at him with wonder and amazement, or simply drool like everyone else? Why all the fuss? And why did I have to feel so awkward? Man, that sociology class has warped me.
maybe my sense of humor is just off
On Wednesday, the Trib's lead photo caught my eye every time I passed the front desk in the News Bureau office. I laughed every time I passed and finally said to Tish, the lady who "mans" the desk, "This cracks me up: the guy lives at the corner of Square Cir. How funny is that!?!?!" Apparently not very. She just looked at me with a blank stare. "You know, it's a circle, a cul-de-sac. And its name is Square!!!" Still the blank stare. Maybe I was being inappropriate because the nature of the story was serious. Or maybe I'm too easily amused.

I do know that I can't control my outbursts of laughter sometimes.
When you abbreviate University of Missouri-Columbia, it's spelled "UMC" and you pronounce it "U-M-C." When you talk of the University of Missouri-Rolla, you say "U-M-Rolla." When you talk of the UM System school in Kansas City, you say, "U-M-K-C." So when I saw a guy on campus wearing a shirt from the University of Massachuesetts that said "UMASS," I burst out laughing. Uncontrollably. In the middle of campus. With no one around to share my internal thought process slip-up. So I had to share it with someone and my virtual audience seemed perfect. I can at least pretend I'm funny here.

So, you cast the verdict. Is my sense of humor out of wack? Or is this funny to anyone else?