unabashedly seeking your sympathy
Ever wonder what it's like to be attacked by the flu and a sinus infection at the same time? Well, I'll spare you the icky details and just say that yesterday afternoon and last night were no fun. The flu has left the building, but by node id dtill dtubbed ub. But I couldn't mope around the house today. Had to clean up the yucky kleenexes and skedaddle out so the realtor could show our house.

which reminds me to tell you
The Brooks fam might be moving. More to come after this weekend.

first job offer
Well, that's what my mom likes to call it. But it wasn't a job they offered. Only an hour and a half after I sent the art director at 417 (the Springfield, Mo. city mag) an email with a link to my Web site portfolio (a link is provided for your convenience on the right), she called me and asked if I'd be up for an unpaid internship. Only if unpaid means you'll foot the bill for my rent. I didn't get quite the same eager response from Korpics of Esquire, but he's still my favorite go-to man for advice. Sorry, Tim; but you do come in second.


say what you want
I forgot to include in my previous post my reflections on the actual day of graduation. It was very Say Anything-ish. Picture this: The scene after Lloyd's graduation where he attempts to take a picture of himself with Diane Court. Except replace Diane with M*ke H*ll and Lloyd with me and my mom as the one with the brilliant idea of trying to set up the picture. I walked away as soon as I heard her say, "Erica, is that Mike over there? Ok, you stand right there, and I'll get a picture of you two..." Umm..I don't think so.

Scene two: Outside Widman's (aka, the temporary 'Berg) the night after graduation. Former classmate approaching.
me: Hey, you having fun celebrating tonight?
him: Yeah. But I didn't really think I'd see anyone out tonight.
me: to myself That's right, no one in their right mind would go out to celebrate graduation.
him: But I made a list of things I'd say to people if I ran into them. So, I just wanted to let you know that I've been crushing on you for the past year.
me: Umm...Thanks. Well, good luck with everything. Goodnight.

So maybe that scene isn't quite out of Say Anything verbatim, but it sure had the feeling of a Llyod Dobbler moment.
i've been sleeping a lot
Just thought I'd share.

last night in columbia
I spent it with great friends, most of whom I'd known since "the FARC years," and a great movie: Almost Famous. It was oh-so-appropriate, because that was the movie freshman year. And now, we've all split; the navigation bar on your right reflects the changes in all of our locations. This is quite the cross-continental blog. How cool is that?

i'll admit it
I look damn good in a suit. But of course, as Joe has pointed out, so does everyone else, so that's no big accomplishment. The accomplishment lies in the fact that after a year and a half of searching, I have actually found a suit that fits. Score.

tomorrow: clinton
My mom and I set off for Lawrence to see Bill Clinton speak at the first Dole lecture at kU. Does anyone else find it ironic that the Dole (R) Lecture series is kicked off by Clinton (D)? hehe.

speaking of ironic
I just performed the Blogger spell-check (is this a new feature of the updated Blogger, or have I just not been observant?). Words the spell-checker catches:

any lower cased proper noun

The Blogger folk might want to update their spell-checker.


last post from como
Jack is the last to be packed. Good-bye Columbia.


vox, the movie
This week, the TA's released the cast list for Vox, the movie. The following links give you a sneak preview to this spring's blockbuster hit.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3


what i've learned
Er*ca Br**ks, former student, 22
Columbia, Mo.
The college version of my favorite Esquire department.

E-mails can come back to bite you in the ass. Don't write anything you don't want broadcast on CNN. (Exhibit A: the J*n R*mmel debacle. Exhibit B: Bloodgate)
Who you work with is as important, if not more so, than what work you do.
I need to start saving for retirement now.
Don't give a t-shirt to an athlete. Do not visit the University President past curfew. A coach with a coke habit is detrimental to a university.
Great friendships can be made online.
Glasses are stylish.
A solid friendship will remain so even after a two-year absence.
Locking one's keys in one's car, or forgetting to take the CAAP exam is not as traumatic as getting lost in Italy.
A corretto (or glass of wine or cup of coffee) and a desert are key ingredients in saving the world.
There are actually rational people who think "liberal' is a four-letter word - and I can still be their friend.
All computer programs should employ the use of the hand tool.
The best feeling in the world is stepping onto a foreign street and having an entire day before you to explore, with only the phrases "I don't understand," "Where is...," "I'm sorry," and "I would like a glass of red wine" at your command.
It is alright to have two servings of gelatto one right after the other.
I know a hell of a lot of people.
However, it's all about who knows you.
Naps are a beautiful thing.
This world manages to be ginormous and diminutive at the same time - and yet I never run into Beyonce.
A good roommate can make even the most difficult living situation livable.
Everybody was a walking fashion faux pas in the eighth grade.
Even the most ordinary photo looks artsy in black and white.
If you talk and act like you know what you're doing people will treat you like you know what you're doing. That gives you the time to figure out what the hell you're supposed to be doing.

What have you learned? Add your own.


If the Bible is not literally true, does that mean we don’t need to take it seriously?
Oh no, you do, because it’s truth, not fact, and you have to take truth seriously even when it expands beyond the facts. - Madeleine L’Engle
After a gray morning and afternoon, I walked out of the Personal & Family Finance exam, my last college final ever (cue Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus") to the sun shinning through parted clouds. Who knows how well the test actually went; I guessed on about 2/3's of the questions. (Thank God for pass/fail classes.) However, with a personal wish of good luck by President Floyd himself (prompted by Dan the Man's holla to our illustrious University Commander in Chief), I couldn't have failed, right?
excitement is brewing within me
Or maybe it's just the two cups of coffee I've drunk already this morning. This afternoon, I will finish my final, final final. And from then on, just about every book I read will be a book that I choose to read. That thought just amazes me. Never again will have to read something because someone tells me to. And if I don't like it, I can put it down and not feel guilty. Ha! Take that, Introducing Personal Finance!


in pigtails
Thursday was my last day of classes. Ever. And what a day. Before heading to class, Meh-gen and I chilled on the Quad. I tried to sleep, but my mind wouldn't shut up. So instead, the two of us chatted about our plans for the Next. Whatever that Next is. She pointed out how ironic it was that I was wearing pigtails on this day marking the cusp of our adulthood. I figured it was appropriate.

on the university's tab
My only class was my capstone, Advanced Magazine Design, during which we ate cheese, brownies and Cold Stone ice cream and drank wine. (Yes, in LHH.) I went straight from there to the Senior Send-off to meet friends and tramped through the Columns. And then tramped to the Carnahan Quad for free gifts and beer from the University. Our gifts? Tips from Kaplan on how to take the GRE and info on temporary health insurance. The beer was better.

Heard while on the Quad: "Let's go sit on the pillars." The PILLARS?!?!?! WTF?

Thursday night was the end-of-semester Vox party. We were at Vivian and Reed's late into the morning, and yet still there was not as much drama as last semester's party. We're still hearing stories about Julia and Rachel.

the proof
Pictures of the aforementioned events have been added to your right. Enjoy.


a night with vox friends
So, the end-of-semester Vox staff party was scheduled for tonight. Being the loyal Friends fan I am, I requested that we have the option to have the final show on during the party. My request has turned into a drinking game, thanks to Zach.

Official Friends drinking game: Drinking soda pop, that is. Man, we're all going to be so hyper.

When Ross sounds like a wimp: drink 1
When Phoebe says something stupid: drink 1
When Chandler does something that leads viewers to question his sexuality: drink 1
When Rachel whines: drink 1
If a monkey makes an appearance: drink 15
Any sexual reference: drink 2
Any reference to a baby: drink 2
If any of the Friends kiss another Friend: bong a "cola"
When any Friend cries: drink 1
If Janice pops in: drink 1

The show is two hours long. Whew! That's a lot of pop!


i'm on london memory overload
This weekend not only saw the visit of my mother, but also the return of Erin and Pat. Being the emotional trainwreck that I have been the past week or so, I started crying as soon as I saw Erin. For one, it was so great to see her again, and two, I knew that she had fresher London memories than I. I know that I have my own great London memories, but still, my jealousy remains. To satisfy my London cravings (I'm such a junkie), I bought Love Actually (and watched it thrice since Saturday) and watched the second season of The Office with friends who can appreciate British humor. I have stuffed my face with Cadbury chocolates and digestives and braved the frigid wind in my pashmina. My Snappy Snaps 1 Hour Photo bag of pictures sits on the floor of my bedroom and I have rekindled my promise to myself to finish my photo album this summer.

"Whenever I get dismayed with the state of affairs in the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport..."
-- Hugh Grant in Love Actually

because you are not the only one who has e-mailed, called, IM'ed or stopped me on campus to ask what my plans post-graduation are...
I'm going home for a few months. When I started the semester trying to put together applications for jobs/internships, I discovered just how time-consuming (not to mention somewhat expensive!) it was. I decided that I didn't want to half-ass my job search and by going home, I can really be dedicated (not to mention rely on Mom & Dad to help with the cost of clip reproductions). I will pick up some freelance articles for the K-Stater alumni mag like I've done the past two summers, and maybe this time I'll be able to convince my editor to let me help him out with a couple of page layouts. Otherwise, my job will be my job hunt. The goal: a job (anywhere) by the end of August. In the meantime, I will enjoy my time to just be. No job = more time to read, run, catch up with old friends, be a counselor at camp for a week, finish my London scrapbook. It will be lovely, and I will begin my life as a working woman refreshed.

But that's this summer. For now, I need at least another day inserted between now and Wednesday. (Twednsday?)