i've been sleeping a lot
Just thought I'd share.

last night in columbia
I spent it with great friends, most of whom I'd known since "the FARC years," and a great movie: Almost Famous. It was oh-so-appropriate, because that was the movie freshman year. And now, we've all split; the navigation bar on your right reflects the changes in all of our locations. This is quite the cross-continental blog. How cool is that?

i'll admit it
I look damn good in a suit. But of course, as Joe has pointed out, so does everyone else, so that's no big accomplishment. The accomplishment lies in the fact that after a year and a half of searching, I have actually found a suit that fits. Score.

tomorrow: clinton
My mom and I set off for Lawrence to see Bill Clinton speak at the first Dole lecture at kU. Does anyone else find it ironic that the Dole (R) Lecture series is kicked off by Clinton (D)? hehe.

speaking of ironic
I just performed the Blogger spell-check (is this a new feature of the updated Blogger, or have I just not been observant?). Words the spell-checker catches:

any lower cased proper noun

The Blogger folk might want to update their spell-checker.

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