in pigtails
Thursday was my last day of classes. Ever. And what a day. Before heading to class, Meh-gen and I chilled on the Quad. I tried to sleep, but my mind wouldn't shut up. So instead, the two of us chatted about our plans for the Next. Whatever that Next is. She pointed out how ironic it was that I was wearing pigtails on this day marking the cusp of our adulthood. I figured it was appropriate.

on the university's tab
My only class was my capstone, Advanced Magazine Design, during which we ate cheese, brownies and Cold Stone ice cream and drank wine. (Yes, in LHH.) I went straight from there to the Senior Send-off to meet friends and tramped through the Columns. And then tramped to the Carnahan Quad for free gifts and beer from the University. Our gifts? Tips from Kaplan on how to take the GRE and info on temporary health insurance. The beer was better.

Heard while on the Quad: "Let's go sit on the pillars." The PILLARS?!?!?! WTF?

Thursday night was the end-of-semester Vox party. We were at Vivian and Reed's late into the morning, and yet still there was not as much drama as last semester's party. We're still hearing stories about Julia and Rachel.

the proof
Pictures of the aforementioned events have been added to your right. Enjoy.

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