a night with vox friends
So, the end-of-semester Vox staff party was scheduled for tonight. Being the loyal Friends fan I am, I requested that we have the option to have the final show on during the party. My request has turned into a drinking game, thanks to Zach.

Official Friends drinking game: Drinking soda pop, that is. Man, we're all going to be so hyper.

When Ross sounds like a wimp: drink 1
When Phoebe says something stupid: drink 1
When Chandler does something that leads viewers to question his sexuality: drink 1
When Rachel whines: drink 1
If a monkey makes an appearance: drink 15
Any sexual reference: drink 2
Any reference to a baby: drink 2
If any of the Friends kiss another Friend: bong a "cola"
When any Friend cries: drink 1
If Janice pops in: drink 1

The show is two hours long. Whew! That's a lot of pop!

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