say what you want
I forgot to include in my previous post my reflections on the actual day of graduation. It was very Say Anything-ish. Picture this: The scene after Lloyd's graduation where he attempts to take a picture of himself with Diane Court. Except replace Diane with M*ke H*ll and Lloyd with me and my mom as the one with the brilliant idea of trying to set up the picture. I walked away as soon as I heard her say, "Erica, is that Mike over there? Ok, you stand right there, and I'll get a picture of you two..." Umm..I don't think so.

Scene two: Outside Widman's (aka, the temporary 'Berg) the night after graduation. Former classmate approaching.
me: Hey, you having fun celebrating tonight?
him: Yeah. But I didn't really think I'd see anyone out tonight.
me: to myself That's right, no one in their right mind would go out to celebrate graduation.
him: But I made a list of things I'd say to people if I ran into them. So, I just wanted to let you know that I've been crushing on you for the past year.
me: Umm...Thanks. Well, good luck with everything. Goodnight.

So maybe that scene isn't quite out of Say Anything verbatim, but it sure had the feeling of a Llyod Dobbler moment.

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