i'm on london memory overload
This weekend not only saw the visit of my mother, but also the return of Erin and Pat. Being the emotional trainwreck that I have been the past week or so, I started crying as soon as I saw Erin. For one, it was so great to see her again, and two, I knew that she had fresher London memories than I. I know that I have my own great London memories, but still, my jealousy remains. To satisfy my London cravings (I'm such a junkie), I bought Love Actually (and watched it thrice since Saturday) and watched the second season of The Office with friends who can appreciate British humor. I have stuffed my face with Cadbury chocolates and digestives and braved the frigid wind in my pashmina. My Snappy Snaps 1 Hour Photo bag of pictures sits on the floor of my bedroom and I have rekindled my promise to myself to finish my photo album this summer.

"Whenever I get dismayed with the state of affairs in the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport..."
-- Hugh Grant in Love Actually

because you are not the only one who has e-mailed, called, IM'ed or stopped me on campus to ask what my plans post-graduation are...
I'm going home for a few months. When I started the semester trying to put together applications for jobs/internships, I discovered just how time-consuming (not to mention somewhat expensive!) it was. I decided that I didn't want to half-ass my job search and by going home, I can really be dedicated (not to mention rely on Mom & Dad to help with the cost of clip reproductions). I will pick up some freelance articles for the K-Stater alumni mag like I've done the past two summers, and maybe this time I'll be able to convince my editor to let me help him out with a couple of page layouts. Otherwise, my job will be my job hunt. The goal: a job (anywhere) by the end of August. In the meantime, I will enjoy my time to just be. No job = more time to read, run, catch up with old friends, be a counselor at camp for a week, finish my London scrapbook. It will be lovely, and I will begin my life as a working woman refreshed.

But that's this summer. For now, I need at least another day inserted between now and Wednesday. (Twednsday?)

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