unabashedly seeking your sympathy
Ever wonder what it's like to be attacked by the flu and a sinus infection at the same time? Well, I'll spare you the icky details and just say that yesterday afternoon and last night were no fun. The flu has left the building, but by node id dtill dtubbed ub. But I couldn't mope around the house today. Had to clean up the yucky kleenexes and skedaddle out so the realtor could show our house.

which reminds me to tell you
The Brooks fam might be moving. More to come after this weekend.

first job offer
Well, that's what my mom likes to call it. But it wasn't a job they offered. Only an hour and a half after I sent the art director at 417 (the Springfield, Mo. city mag) an email with a link to my Web site portfolio (a link is provided for your convenience on the right), she called me and asked if I'd be up for an unpaid internship. Only if unpaid means you'll foot the bill for my rent. I didn't get quite the same eager response from Korpics of Esquire, but he's still my favorite go-to man for advice. Sorry, Tim; but you do come in second.

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