Jack the Mac is back
And better than ever, with 120 GB hard drive, twice the memory, and (drum roll please) OS X. The even more fabulous thing is that the IT guy left Quark and PhotoShop.

hearing things
I've become hyper-sensitive to noises while in the car since the ball joints on my rear wheels decided to give out two weeks ago. Charlie seems to wheeze, whine and screech in protest a bit too much. So instead, I crank up the stereo.

tastes like summertime
I ate sunflower seeds on my drive from Manhattan to Columbia today.

spotless mind
I saw three movies this weekend and for the life of me can't remember one of them. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was one; Intolerable Cruelty was another. Now, what was the third? Last weekend, I watched About a Boy, Matchstick Men, and...blanking on the third again. They must not have been that interesting.

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