a bunch o' blarney
Yesterday: happy birthday(s) to S@r@h Pr*tzm@n and M@rk *zm@k. (And happy Bailey's day to everyone else.) We spent our St. Patty's Night chilling at Boone Tavern. There we ran into Tuttle's Charlie, who was more than willing to fill us in on the story of "What really happened the night of the Heidelberg fire." (No, it wasn't a set-up by the owner.)

more good news
Jack the Mac should be fixed by tomorrow.

the bad news
They can't replace my bootlegged copy of Quark and I can't find my PhotoShop discs.

funny lines in my inbox
Other than that, Ive been working on my senior thesis and going completely insane. YAAAAAAY!

But seriously- i just celebrated my 6-month anniversary (longest relationship ever) with a guy named Aaron. He's 28, from Kansas City, he's a musician and he looks like Buddy Holly/ Woody Allen/ an alien.

Sounds like a great plan with not too much planning, and that's usually the best plans.

Sara and Erica, I hope you guys have a great time in New York. Tell Pete at Glamour I said "hi" and "I want a job."

i got the feeling that my imagination is currently trapped in a moldy can of miller light that has been rolling around on the floor of somebody's rusty volvo for a couple of weeks.

As if 310 wasn't bad enough, now I have to memorialize it in a graduation portfolio. Ewww.

it's not like you're dating David. If you were, I'm sure I'd have heard by now. Because a lot would have to happen for that to be the case...

X-cultural is tomorrow at 2. That is when all the fun begins.

Has Constance forgiven me yet for misplacing her address? I felt awful. I swear I had it memorized. Very, very surprised to figure out I’d told the cab driver to take me to Prada. Clearly, they won’t have any copies of speeches waiting for me in there.

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