If you were to have walked into the Vox office sometime this semester, you might have been witness to any of these lines:

Then I need to do laundry 'cause I'm wearing my bathing suit. I'm serious.

How about crackers? No. I mean peckers. Wait, what are old people called?

Great. I just called my best lead and he picked up the phone, breathed and then hung up.

I'm Scottish. Which reminds me, I need to buy a kilt.

What's a sex word that rhymes with demonstration?

Does anyone else think that looks like a uterus?

Ryan, you should join our club - the triple nipple club.

Jen, less wine, more cheese.

I just want one day where I'm not completely f****ed.

Yes, that's me calling the fax machine.

Barton left the building? He's allowed to leave?

I think emails have become inconsequential.
Yeah, what they need is a good spanking.

Oh my God, you guys. Does it hurt to ovulate?

Julia, you must poop all the time.

This has been a really long day - and life.

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