i love this weather
I got sunburned Sunday. It sure was a day of sun. Ha. It's a good sunburn, though. I think I've just about smoothed out the tan lines I received a year ago when I fell asleep on the beach in Nice with my pants rolled half-way up my legs. This is my favorite time of year: pants, but no jacket weather. Ooh, and they're cutting the grass, which smells so good. In high school, I had perfume from the Gap called grass. Kinda, weird, I know, but it was one of those soul-soothing scents. I didn't wear it to pique the noses of boys (ha!), I wore it to put me in my happy place.

This has turned into a really odd post. Sorry.

Why is there a helicopter in front of the Lambda Chi house?

are you down with G-O-D?
Saved! has a plot line that could have come straight from one of Meh-gen and my conversations. The presence of Mandy Moore in the film has me worried (she's too teen-flick-esque) and what's this? Macaulay Culkin in a film again? But the plot looks hilarious: Christian high school student gets pregnant trying to save her boyfriend from becoming gay. Ha!

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