postmarked 4/12
Just mailed my taxes.

cheep, cheep
I made hard-boiled eggs Saturday. When the water started heating up, I could have sworn I heard chirping noises coming from within the pan. I've eaten two of the eggs and so far I have not come across any hard-boiled chicks. I hope it stays that way.

go team
Barton, et al were named National Mascot of the Year.

important announcement
My mom left me a very excited voicemail message Friday night. Manhattan, Ks. will be introduced to frozen custard this summer when Shake(y)'s arrives. Now I'll have to think of a new excuse to entice her to visit me in Columbia. She'll be able to get her concrete without leaving the city limits. Oh wait. I won't be here. Woah. I keep forgetting that.

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