Yesterday was the Student Society for News Design competition, which Mizzou hosts each year. MU had a very good showing:
Missourian: 14 awards
Vox: 9 awards
Maneater: 3 awards
And. AND. I took third place in the Designer of the Year - Daily category. Wow! Yay!

that itches...
During last night's thunderstorm, Kris opened our front door with Gus in her arms to show him that, no, he did not really want to go outside (he'd been meowing and pawing at the door for about 15 minutes straight) when a stray kitten raced inside. So, now we have two contraband cats. Abby named her Sophie, despite Kris' objections that we shouldn't get attached; then Kris went out and bought a new litter box, litter and set out fresh food. This new feline is making Abby's and my room her home for now until she and Gus are comfortable enough to not spit at one another, or until we find Sophie's owners. Until then, I hope that she doesn't have fleas.

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