today, i went out and got me a job
That's right, folks, I'm really going to start pretending I'm an adult now. I even negotiated a raise and an extension of my "settling in time" until I start (though not a long time). So, Aug. 16, I begin DESIGNING for a NATIONAL GLOSSY MAGAZINE. Next Wednesday, I'll start with three half-days of work. (I need to ween myself away from vacation.) So, here's the scoop on the job:

title: Hiatus
genre: travel/timeshares & separate pubs about pools/spas
duties: designing feature and department spreads, learning about pre-press process until current art director goes on maternity leave. Then guess who's in charge...
staff size: itsy bitsy, lending to the opportunity for me to do a lot for them
duration: long enough, not forever
benefits: yup (including a company vacation; a cruise was mentioned)
pay: sheesh, you're nosey (but let's just say that the editor said he wants to make sure that I have some cash to be able to travel)


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