remember "the animal song"? I've heard it on the radio twice today. Other than that, PHX radio stations are pretty darned o.k. I've even got a favorite already: The Edge 103.9

and i thought i wouldn't know anyone in this here town Guess who lives here. Everyone's favorite Myke. I told my mom and she just about died with glee. He was her Summer Welcome leader and she loved him. The first few months of my freshman year, she'd start our phone conversations thus: "How are you? (my answer) And have you run into Myke? How is he doing?" My dad might have to watch out.

jumping right in I attended a MUAA local board meeting last night. I thought it was just an alum club meeting/social. Turns out I am now on the Valley of the Sun MUAA alum club board. Met Mark Mast there. (He was the one who told me that Myke was in town. So is Sam Babalo-whatever.) I had heard his name around Greek Town a couple of times; he was in FarmHouse and graduated in '02. Good to put a face with a name. I am now going to be helping him plan a GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) football watch party in a couple of weeks. I am determined to have friends outside of Ken & Hildie. Last night showed signs that my plans may be working.

for your reading pleasure; or, because I want to make this post extra-long Tomorrow begins The Job, and thus, today is the official end of my summer. So, as promised, here is this summer's edition of Funny Sentences in My Inbox*, Leaky Cauldron, of Sorts-style:

but, all in all, it's lots of fun and i'm glad i signed up for this summer of ulcer-generating unpaid labor.

but elizabeth, alicia and our new photo editor meredith are a lot of fun to work with and accepting of their art staff's screaming fits, crying jags and diva-esque, chilled-diet-coke-in-a-champagne-flute-demanding outbursts.

if i would of been in the States i would have totally come and hung out with you~ oh well...

I was just looking through your photo albums (as your tracker indicates), and I came across you with your family, and you look SO MUCH like your sister, I can't get over it! I know how annoying this is, having four of my own sister whom I look nothing alike, but you two, I was taken aback. Whoa.

Let us know how you're doing! visit us here and partake of the moist but loving embrace that is the missouri summer. or, if you landed that high-profile job in new york, send money.

Anyway, I want to apologize profusely on behalf of all of humanity for having to be in a FIG with (name censored). That is all.

it just seems I don't have free time at home, but a lot of time to spare when it's a slow day at the office (funny how that works). But of course I wouldn't CALL you on company hours! No, I'll just write you an email from my Mizzou account, which is highly discouraged at NASA (sshhhh...)

Anywho, I think I'll get some good clips here, learn a lot from the way they do things, meet some neat people and enjoy myself all the while. I know that sounds like a Hallmark Card. Man, I'm speaking like a director of Greek Life.

I don't have to work today because this evening we are going backpacking out at Fern Lake. I still can't believe I'm going to get paid while I'm sleeping. Fern Lake is where some guys were camping last year when one of them woke up with his head in a bear's mouth and they both got mauled. So I think I'll refrain from using my green apple shampoo today.

Well, it's 3 in the morning...bed calls my name. Good luck with job hunting/moving/repeated viewing of "Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban" (only in theatres.) I'm sure you'll do great with all three.

We landed in Sydney with 15 minutes to get from one gate to another. When we arrived at Christchurch and were standing in line to clear the immigration check-through, we heard our names called on the loudspeaker and instructed to report to the baggage enquiries office. When we got to the office, they said that they thought that one of the suitcases had not made it. Well they were half right. Neither bag had arrived.

No one should be denied getting a postcard commemorating cow-plop bingo.

I hope you're feeling better, and I'm sorry if my voice made you hurl. I've been told I have that effect on women.

I had the MOST HORRIBLE DREAM last night that you died! I was devestated when I woke up this morning, but I was then happy and thankful to see your email.

Love you, miss you. Don't die, please.

Interesting...for birthdays it is tradition to push the persons face into the cake and then serve the cake!

I really hope you all are having a great summer. Don't forget to drink some lemonade, float in a pool and eat sweet corn. (editor's note: I did all three yesterday)

i mean, why would anyone want to live in london, travel all over western europe, and meet tons of cool people when you could live in LARAMIE WYOMING!!! woo hoo!! there's so much to do here; like driving, talking on the phone, eating food, and even snowball fights (but only in the winter)!

Plus, since getting a gmail involves insider access at this stage, it's a bit of a geek status symbol.

They enjoyed turning up their subwoofer and inviting small armies of people into their 2 bedroom apt. My favorite part was listening to them justify it, saying things like "The BOSE subwoofer won't go any quieter!" and "Don't make me call my lawyer" to which the cop just smiled and wrote them a $150 ticket.

Talking is good. Talking is necessary. We should do that: talk.

But everything is done, and I'm now a doctoral student. A few more years and I might actually have a job that pays above the poverty line.

A new salon is opening in Chelsea, and I got a press invite to go 'n' get a free haircut. Apparently they do spa therapies like 'hair sandwiches' and 'scalp wraps.' It just makes me hungry.

Supposedly he looks a lot like I did at that age, which means he's the most adorable person in the entire universe (no conflict of interest here, I promise).

The cat (named Thunk for its initial inability to take corners very well) requires attention, the girlfriend (named Brigid) requires food, and I need to go swimming in the pool.

10:30 means bed, in Megan Is Now A Working Girl Who Must Rise In The Early Morning Hours World

its so great to hear youve found something. you didnt wait too long did ya? punk.

*trademark, Fiscus

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