adventures in unpacking The moving van was a day late. But as the rain came down that morning, we decided all was for the best. It hardly ever rains here. That night, we slept on newly carpeted floors in bare bedrooms. Camping indoors. It certainly beat the hotel floor on which I had been making my nest.

So far, unpacking is going well. Our home is coming out in pieces and parts, reassembling itself and making the rooms a little more comfortable. My computer monitor also came out in pieces, but not like it was supposed to. Jack the Mac's face is sitting in my dad's office belly-up, whinging: "fix me!" It's really pretty fix-able; only the stand is broken, but it gives me a reason to search for a flat screen replacement. I say that is good news.

at least they left me the important piece I had a minature nativity set in my top dresser drawer that the movers packed. Apparently Mary and Joseph have abandoned baby Jesus; they are nowhere to be found.

yum My new swimsuit looks like Neopolitain ice cream. I had Neopolitain ice cream for dessert last night. Is there a correlation? Maybe.

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