i had an awful nightmare last night I dreamt that I got engaged. If that weren't bad enough, I couldn't remember the name of the guy I was engaged to. I spent the night trying to figure out his name so I could locate him and renege on my acceptance of his proposal. It was a very stressful dream.

"instead of giving candy to the kids this halloween, we'll pass out bible tracts" A lack of a social life means that I have been able to catch up on my movie watching. Three days, four movies:
Pieces of April
Starskey and Hutch
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - the IMAX version!
Saved! (finally)
The average price of the two movies I saw in theaters yesterday was $8. Not bad, until you realize that the IMAX film was $14, and Saved! was $2. I think I'll be visiting the "previously viewed theater" more often than the IMAX. Tuesdays, all movies are $1.25! Don't call me Tuesday evenings. You'll know where I am.

if you ever think you don't own anything, move Mom and I finally finished unpacking boxes yesterday. The last boxes were all the little knick-knacks and odds n' ends. Basically, things we never use, but can't seem to get the heart to throw away. We've accumulated a ton of coffee mugs, most of which say something to the effect of: "a teacher touches the future." The two of us have decided we're never buying any gifts for each other ever again. Instead, we're going to set up a bank account and for holidays and birthdays, we'll deposit what money we would have spent on a gift into the account, and then once we've saved up enough, we'll take a mother-daughter trip somewhere. That's so much better than a dozen mugs.

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