LOCATION: Chandler, Ariz.
DURATION: Until life moves me elsewhere

short-term chandler to-do list
+ Make many phone calls
+ Write many e-mails (I'm really behind, sorry to those of you on the long list)
+ Congratulate Megan & Pat
+ Discover where Tuttle has disappeared to
+ Contact editor of Desert Living
+ Learn how to clean the pool
+ Contact Mizzou alum club in Phoenix
+ Buy ASU t-shirt
+ Research DVD players for Mom
+ Finish The Feminine Mystique
+ Read last month's Details
+ Purchase Ofoto pictures from this summer
+ Compile my edition of this summer's "Funny sentences in My In-Box"

long-term phoenix to-do list
+ Buy a new car to replace the awful green minivan I've been stuck with (Ally's already taken the MU sticker off Charlie's back window. Jerk.)
+ Join some kind of rock-climbing/canoing/mountain hiking/outdoorsy club
+ Go sky-diving
+ Get a killer tan
+ Take a continuing education class at the ASU School of Design
+ Move to an apartment
+ Find a church where there aren't just grey-haired people sitting in the pews
+ Attend a Diamondbacks game & and a Mercury (WNBA) game (preferably one when Minnesota visits so as to see K-State's Nicole Ohlde play again)

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