my poor macs
My komputer karma is really bad right now. It looks like Jack probably won't be getting a flatscreen facelift after all because the broken base can be replaced without having to purchase a whole new display. That is, if the moving company ever gets on the ball and pays for it. I'm getting tired of an upside-down display, which makes iTunes Jack's only useful function.

My gorgeous, week-old G5 at work really had a melt-down this week; turns out it had an errant processor. So, I've been stuck on an old, slow iMac. Not exactly the prettiest computer to work on. At least the work is fun.

parley voo francy?
Tuesday's $1.25 flick was in French: Love Me if You Dare. I'm oh-so cultured. It got me onto a French kick again. I'm thinking of getting language tapes from the library for my hour-long commute to refresh my French education. Then I'll be swearing at the idiot drivers en Fran├žais.

the 51 is backed up and too slow
Highway driving in Phoenix is going to turn me into a vicious person. The other day I actually had the urge to flick a fellow motorist off. I resisted, but I think that's a first.

i really miss my friends
Tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower. I'm going to pretend the people there are my friends, not just co-workers.

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