at least they took my advice to pack a change of clothes in their carry-on
TIMNATH, Colo. -- The parents arrived in Denver this evening. Their luggage did not. What are the odds of the airline losing their bags on the way to NZ and on the way back? But hell, they got vouchers for two flights on United. Every cloud...

"they're so british there"
"You would have loved, New Zealand," my parents told me after I picked them up. Yeah, I know that. How 'bout you take me next time? Actually, I think the airline should fork up a round-trip ticket as compensation for the lost luggage. It's only fair.

can't keep me unsatisfied
My new haircut is driving me nuts. I finally had a haircut I liked last time and now nothing will ever compare. I walked out of the salon with 5 different products in my 'do, which I find quite repulsive. If I can't run my fingers through my lovely locks without feeling the need to immediately scrub them clean, then that's just a bit too much gel.

it has a pool!
Did I mention that we now have a house in Arizona? We'll be living in Chandler, just outside of Tempe, just outside of Phoenix. That's right, I'll be living in a Friend. As Protz reacted: "Could that be any cooler?"

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