just kidding
If you didn't get there fast enough, you missed the pictures of my house on the realtor's Web site. That's right, the sign went up yesterday morning, we got an offer that evening and we closed this afternoon. Whew. Now comes the hard part, finding a house in the Tempe/Phoenix area.

here, there and everywhere
My parents leave tomorrow morning for New Zealand (via Ft. Collins, Colo.; Berkeley, Calif.; and Phoenix). They'll be in NZ for two weeks, one of those weeks being a conference at which my dad will be inducted as President of the Council for Educators of Landscape Architecture. I told them I'd go with and entertain my mom while my dad held up his duties as Mr. Big Man Prez, but they mentioned something about a 25th wedding anniversary/second honeymoon. I don't see what the big deal is... (wink wink.) Sheesh. What a summer it has been so far.

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