you are so totally jealous of my house right now
So you're wondering who the fabulous people are who bought our house just a day after it was on the office, I know. None other than the NY Times' columnist Fr&d Br0ck*. He's going to be teaching at the K-State School of Journalism and Mass Comm. And he's still going to be writing** his NYT column. Out of my (former) home. Now who wishes they were as cool as my house? I told our neighbor from across the street who works at the KSU J-School that she needs to ferret out any contacts he might have at the NYT Magazine and pass my name along to him/them. Maybe we'll knock the price of the house down for him if he can hook me up with a job.

*The name on the mailbox goes from Brooks to Brock. Ha! The post(wo)man is going to have fun sorting out that mail.

**Confidential to Dan: He also wrote a book that might just go against everything Weagley taught us about saving for retirement...

random thought of the day
Twice-weekly, furtively typed sarcastic Dan posts are just not the same as daily, under-the-breath sarcastic Dan comments.

just a warning
I'll be gone for two weeks. Tomorrow I leave to volunteer as a camp counselor at a church camp I used to attend in high school. The next week, I leave for Colorado and a family reunion. Expected date of arrival back to this Leaky Cauldron: July 6. Feel free to carry on conversation with each other via "neighborly" comments if you so choose.

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