the obligatory look back at 2003
Because we are eight days into 2004 already, because I want to keep from being annoyingly sappy, and because most of you have read this blog throughout 2003, I'm going to make this short.

New Things:
Independent world travel
The wrong side of the road
Working for a top-selling British mag
Red pants
Brown boots
Bailey's (in the form of the drink and the ice cream)
Bawling on an Italian train
An Italian proposal
Living with and being attacked by, cats
Composing a quote "by" Chancellor Wallace
Riding a motorcycle
Visiting the capitals of six countries as well as the "capital" of the Catholic faith

Old Things:
The Missourian newsroom
Trying, in vain, to contact J*n C*lbert
Living in the sorority house
Frank Sinatra
Charlie (the '88 Honda Accord I drive)
Long hair
Babysitting for a summer job
The Artisan
Parking on "meter street" often and only getting three tickets the entire semester
Semi-plastic doughnuts from the vending machine

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