because the klinks seem to have reached their demise:
Fiscus: You seem to have inadvertently libeled Kat(i)e by linking her to a blog about a girl giving some "good loving" via her webcam.

Kate: How about snagging a rubbing of the great and wonderful Walter Williams' Creed?

Angela: Does this countdown lead to your birthday, by chance? If so, is my arithmetic correct in leading me to conclude that such a date is April 15? And if so, I know someone else with that birthday. She's pretty swell.

Pat and Erin: Have you discovered the Aristocats house yet?

J-Dub: Shakey's this weekend?

Dan: Thanks for the tech trouble shooting. I solicit you again, oh blogger guru: please help fix me up with a new-fangled commenting feature. I promise not to call you during class, unlike some people.

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