at this pace, i'll be writing about my college graduation when i'm thirty
I know this is quite belated, but break had a couple quality quotes that should not go unposted.

Grant, babysitting charge, age 5, brainwashed by K-State-alum parents: I'm glad you're graduating. Then you won't ever have to wear those ugly Mizzou colors.

Sterling, neighbor kid, age 5: (rings doorbell. I answer) Erica, I brought my wooly willy.
me: Excuse me?
Sterling: (raises cardboard and plastic game where you use a magnetic wand to style a man's magnetic "hair") My Wooly Willy. (the name of the game)

Moon-Hee, minister at our church, Chinese, not a long-time resident of the U.S.: (praying) Holy Cricket - uh, Creator...

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