living up to expectations
I'm starting to realize the pressure of having done the Vox thing for 8+ months now. I'm getting the feeling that my fellow designers in the capstone class have one of two views of me: A) they think that I'm better than they are and expect me to produce near-perfect designs; B) they think they're better than me and are waiting to see me fail. Either way, both views will push me in a way I wasn't last semester. That's a good thing.

outlook for the semester:
Personal and Family Finance*: I'm going to learn how to do my taxes! Lots of number crunching, several easy assignments, a couple hard (according to rumor) tests.

History of America in the Sixties*: I'm going to learn about my parents' rebellious years! (As if my parents ever rebelled) Two tests, one paper, tons of reading, one very cool professor.

Cross Cultural Journalism: I don't get the fuss. It doesn't seem that bad, folks. It's more of an entry-level j-class, which is why they're changing it to be a pre-j course. A bunch of busywork, but at least it's not writing intensive.

Advanced Magazine Design (capstone): This is the class that's supposed to give us the most hands-on experience with designing for a magazine. I will be working with Vox way less than last semester. Hmmm... Things I'm excited about: (finally) learning how to put together a website, redesigning Global Journalist (without having to actually work for Global Journalist).

*I can take one of these two classes Pass/Fail. Any suggestions?

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