Safe in Krabi

The plane crash in Phuket was an immense tragedy here, as you can imagine. We heard about it in the jungle (the mighty jungle) of Khao Sok, several miles from the popular beach town. I had friends from the Vietnam trip who had flown that precise airline to Phuket from Bangkok the day before. Fortunately they are safe (though rather shaken).

Rain, Rain, Go Away
They don't lie when they say it's the rainy season here in Thailand. Fortunately the clouds cleared enough for us to get out to a few islands yesterday, including the island where they filmed The Beach. I am slowing learning how to master snorkeling. The first time I tried in Vietnam, I failed an attempt to take a picture of Andrea and Simon with their underwater camera. My brain could handle concentrating on one thing at a time and I chose to concentrate on breathing rather than manipulating the strange contraption that was their underwater camera.

And I thought Eastern European toilets were bad
I have nearly mastered another art: that of using the squat toilet. Mostly I have learned to carry TP and hand sanitizer in my bag at all times. The "squat and drop" part needs some work.

Just because I'm sure you were interested to learn that.

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