Fast Times in Penang

It's Ramadan, and Malaysia being a Muslim country, that means that I get to witness in person one of the most holy months in Islam as practiced by pretty much an entire community. Last night, we went to an Indian restaurant for my first taste of Tandoori chicken. It really interested me to see the number of Muslims who arrived and waited patiently until the call to prayer sounded the setting of the sun and signaled the chance for them to eat. This evening I visited the nearby mosque, dressed in the robe and headscarf they had to loan non-Muslim visitors. A couple hours earlier, I had been wandering the grounds of S.E. Asia's largest Buddhist temple. I love the chance to connect with so many of the world's great religions. It helps me understand myown faith even better.

New Pics
I'll get around to uploading my Thailand pictures soon, don't worry. For now you can enjoy these from Vietnam. (Siagon pics TK)

Showing off the pedicure I got on the beach

My first time with a hookah (not as hard-core as you may think, really)

Nha Trang

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