Good Times

Last night found me and some fellow Singapore hostelers ushered through the door with the Australian emcee of a local comedy club, The One Night Stand on Clarke Quay, breezing past the line-up of stockbrokers and businessmen still in their slacks and collared shirts from work. I got to use that much-desired line, "We're with him," which waved the $50 entry fee. Jonathan was hilarious (despite -- or maybe because of? -- his jabs at Americans), and the group that followed, Edinburgh Fringe Festival winners We Are Klang, was the best sketch comedy I've seen in a long time. If the comedy wasn't enough to make it a fantastic night, the dancing that followed was. Or maybe what really sealed the deal was coming back to the hostel at 2 a.m. to join Jonathan outside having a round of beers on the sidewalk with a local Indian cabbie, a Singaporean who was either a former male gigalo or a member of the local mafia (I swear), and a hooker.

Happy Days.
(This is a phrase that Australians seem to use constantly. I think it can roughly translate to "Sweet!" or "Dude" or "Score!")

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