Staying dry
It's raining outside on the day I was planning to spend sunning myself in the Englisher Garten. So instead, I'm catching up on all the photos I've neglected to post. See below.

Losing Translation
Most of the Internet cafes I've been in have had PCs with English operating systems, despite their foreign keyboards. The one I'm in now is all configured in German. This proved to be quite the challenge when trying to use a DVD-burning program I'd never heard of, in a foreign language I don't really understand, on a platform (PC) that totally frustrates me.

Other adventures in German include trying to figure out just what's going on with this strike. Google Translation is quite helpful, though, and I think their clunky translation of the news says that all should go to plan tomorrow. I sure hope so...



More to come. My computer has jsut decided to revert to the era of dial-up slowness.

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