I think I came down with a mild case of the flu the day we visited this, the largest Nazi death camp. I found that to be somewhat appropriate, as my stomach pain was a constant reminder that the souls that walked those grounds before me not only experienced sickness, but in their sickness were pushed into horrors beyond imagination. I didn't bring my camera with me into the camp. I'm sure I could have captured many dramatic pictures, but I couldn't handle the thought of having to look through it all again. One visit is enough.

Krakow / Krakof
I wish I had more time in this city. Actually, I wish I had more time in most of the cities I visit. Fortunately, I'm seeing this trip as a sampling of places I'd like to visit again. When I return (there is no "if") I will soak up the city some more. For now, it's time to head back into the sun (yay! finally!) and find a place on the main square where I can enjoy a glass (bottle?) of wine.

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