In Transit
Sawasdee (trans.: "Hello") from the Bangkok airport! I'm waiting for my connecting flight to Hanoi and found cheap internet. Having capitalized on the "luxury" of many a cheap flight on Southwest Airlines in the States, I wasn't really prepared for the comparatively lavish Thai Airways. The flight attendants are so kind; everything they say is followed by "please." "Would you like coffee, please?" "Would you like a hot towel, please?" And their English is superb, barely a hint of an accent. I could only imagine how nice business class must be.

I checked the weather for Hanoi before I left Prague:

35 (Celsius) with 94% humidity

94%?!?!?! I might as well just wear my swim suit and forget anything made out of denim. I'll have to draw on my days surviving on the top floor of FARC during the hot and humid Missouri August as preparation for the hot and humid S.E. Asia. At least this time I won't have to get all kitted out in preparation for sorority recruitment parties. Trekking across campus from dorm to Greek Town trying to look cute and refreshed was futile. I think I'll avoid the make-up this time; it'll probably just come sliding off my face.

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