Adverture Fooding
While I was staying with Megan and Jon, I borrowed a book called A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain, an NYC chef. He wrote about his quest to find the 'perfect' meal by traveling the world to eat food as the locals eat it. After reading about his adventures -- including trying a deadly poisonous fish in Japan -- I figured the least I could do would be to try the local specialty at least once in each city/country I visit. Thist has meant not only absolutely fabulous Belgian waffles in Brussels and Brugge, but also black pudding (cooked sheep's blood) in Scotland. And you know what? I'd gladly take the black pudding many times more before I'll eat cooked cabbage in the Czech Republic.

Updated Album
My Munich album has been updated with the final pics. Haven't had the chance to upload pictures from Austria or the one's I've taken in Cesky Krumlov. Those'll come in a few days, I'm sure.


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