Tiger Talk Radio
I got in my car after this morning's Big XII alumni softball tournament (Mizzou went out in 2 games), turned on the radio, and tuned it to the local NPR station just in time to hear: "M-I-Z!" "Z-O-U!" After checking my surroundings to make sure that the local cacti hadn't been replaced by a row of six ionic columns, I heard an announcer's voice say, "Live from Jesse Auditorium, it's Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know?!!!!" I'm not usually a big fan of Whad'ya Know; I'm more of a Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me kinda girl. But I stuck around for a bit to hear some of Feldman's intro monologue, which included the necessary jabs at the illustrious Laurie family ("We're coming to you live from Page Auditorium! I mean, Jesse Auditorium."), Columbia's geography ("Strategically located to keep Kansas City and St. Louis at arm's length."), Mayor Darwin Hindman's love of his bike ("In Columbia, the mayor is a known pedalphile.") and — of course — Kansas ("It was in Missouri when Dorothy said, 'Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore,' and Toto replied, 'Thank God!'"). It seems the punch lines never change.

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