Indecision, Oh Indecision
I need to start making plans for my trip. If I wait too much longer, the pound will be three times the dollar and everything I've saved up for this trip will go into my one-way ticket to London. Plotting out where I'm going to travel means having to decide which destinations I'm not going to be able to get to. I'm still not ready to admit the fact that I can't fit the world into 3 months. But I'm going to put off making decisions for a little while longer by asking you for your advice. So, my friends, you well-traveled lot, where in Central/Eastern Europe have you been and really enjoyed? Where would you love to go? The following are high on my list:

+ London (duh)
+ Edinburgh
+ Dublin (maybe)
+ Paris (but only if I make it for the end of the Tour de France)
+ Munich
+ Prague
+ Vienna
+ Salzburg
+ Amsterdam
+ Brussels
+ Split
+ Bled
+ Budapest

I'd love your thoughts and suggestions. Pipe up, yo.

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