Fear itself
I've been meaning to post for months about my reaction to the movie Jesus Camp. I have many thoughts that have become a bit muddled as the weeks since viewing it have passsed. But there's one image that sticks out in my mind. It is of one of the kids attending the camp dressed in a t-shirt displaying a rip-off of the the Fear Factor logo. The manipulated logo reads "Faith Factor." To me, this symbolizes the crux of the film: To these children faith and fear are interchangeable. Their faith in God is one that is born out of fear. And that saddens me, because the God I know and the God I trust does not rely on fear. While fear is great motivation, it tends to breed further fear. Watch both these clips:

JFK's famous line, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" is true, and even more so when considering the results of actions of fear-based faith.

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