Meet Jack Junior
My shiny new MacBook arrived yesterday morning. I practically skipped toward the FedEx man to claim my prize. Favorite new feature: the handy, little built-in iSight camera. It'll come in handy for all those internet porn sights I subscribe to. Or it'll just be a fun way to use iChat. Dan tried to convince me to name the new Macintosh "Josh," so to follow the footsteps of Jack the Mac and Yolanda the Honda. But it doesn't fit the cardinal rule of naming things: they should never have any association with a person you know, otherwise the inanimate object may be the receiving end of unwarranted emotions. For example, when I named Charlie, my high school and college car (this was before I adopted the rhyming scheme, Charlie was in homage to Charlie Brown, your average, good guy with nothing flashy), I didn't know anyone named Charlie. Now, there are Charlies everywhere. I think I'll stick with Jack Junior for now. Seems to fit.

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