Goodbye, Leaky Cauldron, of Sorts
You were good to me, but now it's time for something new. When I started this blog in December of 2002, it was with the intent to keep it just while I was studying in London. The only connection I really had to the Motherland was my enjoyment of the Harry Potter books, so when looking for inspiration for a name for the blog, I turned to the magical London pub. But now it's time to be something more than That Girl Who Likes Harry Potter. Terra incognita is Latin for unknown territory, and it's a more appropriate title for this time in my life for several reasons: I'm still figuring out my way around this Land of No More Education, I'm always looking ahead to the next destination, and next year I plan on going on a Big Ass Trip to many places I haven't seen before. So, here's to unknown territories and the friends and adventures to be found there. *clink clink*

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